Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And the winner of the giveaway is....

Thanks to everyone who entered the flying geese fabric giveaway! It was so fun to read everyone's comments. If you are at all unsure about how to make them or are intimidated by them, be sure to check out the flickr group. I've linked a bunch of very helpful tutorials on different methods for making them and you're sure to find one that makes the most sense to you. It's amazing how many different ways there are to make this one simple pattern! How I love geometry sometimes!!! Okay I love it a lot! But I'm a math geek.

Anyway, back to what you all are waiting for, the winner is:

Elizabeth a.k.a. Type A Mommy said...
I've always wanted to try a Flying Geese quilt. I'm a pretty new quilter, but I've been a little intimidated by them, because they look so...intricate. I may have to give it a shot here if you guys are saying they're easy!!

Congratulations Elizabeth! Please contact me so I can send you the fabric! And then you can give those flying geese a try!

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  1. Here I am! Thanks so much!!! You can reach me at typeamommyblog(at)gmail(dot)com.



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